Saturday, February 15, 2020

Sewer Maintenance Tips

The importance of sewer maintenance cannot be understated as it is something that can create a very unpleasant problem. The typical homeowner is not an expert in sewer repair, although there are some maintenance tips that can be carried out by even the most novice of plumbers. Here is a look at some of the ways you can keep your sewer system functioning properly.

Remove nature’s clutter

Sewer drains are commonly placed on or right near your property. If there is any sign of clutter or blockage, remove it immediately. This can be more common during the summer months when there is a lot of seasonal growth in plants, bushes, shrubs and so forth.

Storm concerns

When there are severe rains, sewer systems are dealing with a high influx of water. Homeowners can aid in that endeavor by reducing the amount of water used during these times. Remember that the system can be overwhelmed by the excessive surge and that could lead to problems. Doing your part can help.

Don’t flush anything

Toilets were not intended to double as garbage disposals. That means there are only certain things that are meant to be flushed. Keep it limited to human waste and toilet paper and you should be fine. Otherwise, there will be an eventual problem with your sewer system that can cause sewer backup and require you to hire plumber Charleston SC.

Don’t drain the grease

One of the primary reasons for sewer line clogs is because pipes become backed up with congealed grease. If you are cooking with any kind of grease or oil, find somewhere else to dispose of it. Pouring it down your drain is a big problem waiting to happen.

Know when there is trouble

There are several warning signs that will tip you off to sewer problems. The most obvious one is having your drain get backed up on a regular basis. When multiple areas stat becoming clogged, it indicates a sewer plumbing issue. That could mean your kitchen sink and bathtub faucet are both experiencing similar problems. But there are subtler ways to tell when there is a problem with your sewer system.

Your lawn may begin to change colors when there is an issue This is because sewer lines run underground into your home and could be exposing a leak. And if there are wet patches when it has not rained, that could be another sign that your sewer system is failing.