Thursday, June 27, 2019

Weird Signs of Plumbing Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Most of the time your home's plumbing runs without issue. You have hot water when you need it, your drains flow without clogging, and you don't have any weird drips in your faucets or leaks under your sinks.

However, just because you don’t notice any plumbing problems doesn’t mean there are none. Learn about some odd signs your home has problems that need a plumber's attention.

Sewer Smells in Basement/Laundry Area

Does your basement or laundry area have a strange sulfur or sewer smell? The smell may be most prominent near floor drains, where excess water is supposed to exit your home. You've inspected the smelliest rooms in your home but see no signs of water damage or actual leaking, yet the smell persists.

The reason why is likely due to water that was trapped in a nonworking or poorly operating floor drain that eventually evaporated, leaving a rotten stench behind. Or your sewer could be starting to back up, and the drain traps are letting foul gases into the air. Since the problem is hard to diagnose and can lead to sewage eventually leaking into your home, call a Ben Franklin plumber to investigate what is causing some parts of your home to stink and not others.

Bulging or Soft Walls/Floors

A leaking pipe won't always leave moisture or water stains that are visible to the eye. However, the effects of constant water damage will eventually become apparent in strange ways.

Perhaps the floor in front of your washing machine feels squishy underfoot. Or a wall in your bathroom is slightly bulging and the paint is peeling away. A burst or leaking pipe underneath your sub flooring or beneath your drywall is a likely culprit behind your home's strange foundation changes.

Don't peel away your drywall or flooring to discover a plumbing issue on your own; your plumber will use noninvasive techniques to explore your home's pipes to see if a break is causing your interior home damage. If repairs are needed, your drywall or damaged flooring will be removed.

Uneven Growing Grass

Are some parts of your landscape overly lush and green? Does your yard have uneven patches of growth that you can't explain? If your sewer line is leaking due to an offending tree root or a backed-up septic system, your landscape will flourish in the affected areas as a result.

One way to tell if your sewer system is to blame for your new backyard oasis is this: wearing old sandals or shoes you don't mind destroying, step on the lush grass and see if it feels wetter or spongier than surrounding grass. Sniff around your yard as well; if a sewer pipe is leaking underground, you'll notice a dank, egg-like odor.

If your sewer line needs to be replaced, the costs vary depending on how much pipe length your plumber will be working with, where the damage is located, and how much labor will be required to complete the work. On average, plumbing costs for pipe replacement begin at around $2,000.

Overactive Toilet

A toilet clog, especially a deep-rooted one, won't always result in an overflowing toilet. A strange symptom of toilet issues is when your toilet water levels change as you use your bathroom faucet.

When you turn your bathroom sink on, does your toilet water go up or down in the bowl, or does the water bubble and gurgle? If so, your plumber should be called so they can send a lighted snake into your toilet's plumbing to see what is clogging this bathroom essential.

Your home's plumbing problems aren't always obvious, but if you catch strange symptoms of plumbing woes soon enough, you can have repairs made before conditions worsen. Trust our experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for all your residential plumbing needs today.