Monday, May 27, 2019

Does Your Home Need Water Treatment?

There are ways to design your water system so that every last drop is treated. That entails removing particles, impurities and minerals in your water. The end result is clean, safe water for drinking and bathing. But how do you know if your home needs a water treatment solution Charleston SC? Here are some key factors to watch out for in your home.

Odors in your water

One of the most common indicators that your water needs to be treated is foul odors This is an indication that there is an overabundance of sulfur in your water. A chlorine smell is also a sign that there is too much of that element in your water.

Bad taste

Drinking water from a tap or even rinsing after brushing your teeth will quickly reveal how the water in your home tastes. Excess minerals in the water impact its taste to a noticeable degree. Adding a water treatment option can remove that bad taste.

Laundry fading

When folding up your wash, you may start to notice that your clothes are beginning to prematurely fade. That is a sign of hard water, which basically means there is an additional amount of minerals in your water, such as calcium or magnesium. The hard water can take a toll on all kinds of fabrics. Whether you have a tankless water heater dedicated to your washing machine or a tank for the whole house, you may want to consider adding water filtration and treatment systems.

Skin is dry

When bathing or showering in hard water, it is common to experience issues with soap dissolving completely. What happens is that the soap is not washed fully from your skin and that causes skin to dry out. This could lead to some itching and it also will cause your hair to appear flat.

Buildup of minerals

Minerals in hard water can cling to a variety of objects. This can occur around your faucets and fixtures, providing an unsightly effect. It could also impede the path of the water, causing it to come out of your faucet at a slower rate. If left unattended, it could even lead to an eventual clog.

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After you have identified problems with your water, the next step is choosing a water treatment option to correct the problem. There are a number of solutions that include water filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems and several others. A professional plumber near Charleston can give you an exact reading and make sure your home is fitted with the right system.

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